Users - when using any of the Moodle communication functions within your course (e.g. Moodle Forums), it is important for you to comply with the following:

Users must not:

  • Submit postings to include advertising or promotional material.
  • Use the names of any external employer, institution, school, employee, staff or students in your postings. 
  • Submit material which breaches copyright
  • Submit postings using any inflammatory or insulting language about or towards students,staff or employer. 
  • Submit postings that contain anything illegal, obscene or defamatory
  • Copy or forward communication messages from Moodle without permission. 
  • Post material which contains viruses or other programs which may disrupt the University’s systems.

Forums and notice boards will be monitored by faculty staff. Individual posts may be removed without notice. Complaints concerning the use of forums should be made direcly by email to your course tutor.


Last modified: Wednesday, 30 January 2013, 10:38 AM